Monday, December 16, 2013

From the Vault - Holiday Traditions

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Today's Question... What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Matthew - Visiting family, or having family visit. I had a lot of family issues as a kid, so the fact that my sisters and I still get along really well is nothing short of amazing.

Karen - Every December my parents rent a villa at Disney World and the whole family spends a week there. I love doing all Disney xmas traditions stuff: Osbourne Lights at Hollywood Studios,  Candlelight Processional at Epcot, Snow on Main Street and photos in front of the ice covered castle lit up at night. Even hanging xmas lights on our balcony with my dad, or just having hot chocolate in our room gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Jaime - There are so many… I love decorating the tree and the house while watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas music. And, of course, I love spending time with family. My mom comes for about a week at the start of December every year and we spend the time baking, watching Christmas movies, playing board games, drinking tea, and just generally doing all of the Christmas-y stuff together.

Copil - We introduced the Elf on a Shelf this year. He reports back to Santa, travels only when you're sleeping, he doesn't talk to you and you're not allowed to touch him. That's some straight up NSA sh!t, right there. But it's cute how excited the kids are when they get up every morning looking for him.

Alexandra - Pierogis. My family's origins are Eastern European and we have homemade Pierogis every year and I loooooove them.

Leigh - My absolute, all-time favorite is hauling out all our Christmas-story picture books and reading them with my two little daughters. We've seriously got more than 30, so we have one for every night of December. From Angelina Ballerina to Olive the Other Reindeer to the Polar Express to the plain ole Night Before Christmas. We LOVE this. (I don't love the Elf so much.)

Katy – My favorite traditions center around my girl. Taking her to choose gifts for her cousins and friends, baking Christmas cookies together, reading Christmas stories, getting clever with her Elf on the Shelf… We love the holidays!

Alison - Watching ELF a million times. Singing Christmas carols (much to the neighbors' chagrin). Decorating the tree. EVERYTHING.

Jessica - I get a little grouchy about the holidays - too much forced cheer and materialism for my taste. But my Scroogy-ness makes me embrace the little traditions I have with my family and friends. My favorite is that every December 23rd my friends come over and we watch Love Actually and drink rum cider. I look forward to that all year. 

Erica - I just love making Christmas cookies - and giving them out to people, since it makes so many people so happy.


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