Monday, December 9, 2013

From the Vault

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Today's Question: What has been your most notable accomplishment this year, writing or otherwise?

Alison - I'm never been much of a risk taker, but I decided after 21 years of high school teaching to leave the classroom to be a Stay At Home Mom/full-time writer. I miss the interaction with the kids I taught, and while I'm perpetually stressed financially, I am so much freer mentally to pursue my passions—writing and family.

Karen - I released two novels. That's notable, right? I hope so.

Matthew - Um ... I accomplished nothing in 2013 of note, but I didn't give up writing, I didn't lose my job when my company got bought, and I didn't murder my children.

Katy – I wrote a book! I spent April through October drafting a brand new YA contemporary, and now I’m working on revising it into something readable. 

Leigh - Surviving... no seriously. I planned out a pretty intense year thinking I could do it if everything held together like it was supposed to... You're right, it didn't. But I still made it AND kept the schedule.

Jessica - Getting my book deal for PUSH GIRL! I was in a particularly low place, writing-wise, when I got the news that I would be working on this book with Chelsie Hill, who is amazing, and it would be published by St. Martin's, who are also amazing. It's been a crazy and stressful year, but, man, it's been exciting and fun, too.

Alexandra - I am going to brag about my friends instead of talking about myself. One of my friends finished getting her masters in publishing and managed to change careers this year. Another one is working on a HILARIOUS and awesome manuscript starring a set of fantastic twins. My friends have so many accomplishments. :)

Jaime - I don’t feel like I’ve really had a notable accomplishment of any sort this year, but I was pretty excited/motivated (for a time, at least) by an R&R I received back in the spring.

Copil - I'm proud of keeping to a pretty decent writing schedule despite a major move to a new country. Also, I'm proud of finally learning the difference between pants and trousers. Because I was starting to get weird looks whenever I complimented someone on their pants.

Erica - I would have to say just managing my schedule this fall since it has been pretty intense semester for me. It's been my hardest courseload yet and I'm taking 18 credits, in addition to working, and trying to write and stay on top of everything else.


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