Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year, New Operatives!!

. . .bee-doh, bee-doh, bee-doh. . . 
!We have new Operatives!

Guise, guise, guise! This is bigger than Bitcoin! And we want everyone to know! We want to scream it through a bullhorn! We want to put on glittery Louboutins and sing pagan celebration ditties while wearing form-fitting silk gowns!

No? I'm getting word that apparently everyone agreed a simple post would be more dignified. Whatevs.

*reluctantly removes glittery Louboutins*

In all seriousness, we are so proud to announce the newest members of our family. Expect to see their signatures under brilliant posts in the months to come. Please help me welcome Sarah Ahiers and Tracey Neithercott to our Operative ranks!

Below is more information about Sarah and Tracey. Take a moment to visit their personal blogs and follow them on Twitter. You'll soon discover exactly what we did: both of these women have serious YA street cred, work like squirrels on meth, and one of them may be responsible for a series of bank robberies in the Pacific Northwest. Nope, we won't spoil the surprise, you'll just have to friend them on Facebook.

And, this just in!
Get it? Just In? Justin?
(be here all week, folks) 
Head over to Sarah's blog RIGHT NOW! As we were putting the finishing touches on this announcement, Sarah had one of her own. One of our newest bloggers is newly agented! We're so happy for you, Sarah!

Now, please put away your safety-scissors, grab your lovey from its peg, and sit quietly on the rug. I SAID QUIETLY! This is YA Confidential, not some Cumberbitch Tumblr free-for-all! We. Have. Rules.

That's better. Please say hello to our new Operatives!

Operative: Tracey Neithercott

Codename: T-Bone

Legend: Once interviewed with the CIA. If she told you the rest of the story, she’d have to kill you. Now, she interrogates subjects for magazine articles and writes YA books about stubborn girls, persistent boys, and worlds not quite our own.

Known Whereabouts: http://thewordsonpaper.blogspot.com, @T_Neithercott

Known Accomplices: The Husband, who believes she’s a lowly desk clerk at a nondescript company.

Operative: Sarah Ahiers

Codename: Que Sera Sarah

Legend: Once put out a mattress fire in a dorm room with a bucket of water. Yes, the fire extinguisher would have been quicker and smarter, but the bucket and sink were right there. Currently writes about teens in fantasy lands or terrifying places, showing that sometimes the light shines brightest in the dark.

Known Whereabouts: http://falenformulatesfiction.blogspot.com, @SarahAhiers

Known Accomplices:  A house full of critters and a legitimate clone

From all the rest of of us at YAC, welcome aboard, newbies! We LOVE YOU!!


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