Monday, March 10, 2014

From the Vault :: On Research

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Today's Question ~ What's your favorite method/tool for researching your WiP?

Alexandra - Reading classics (especially any that make feminist commentary--even before they had a word for what that was) and studying history. I get so much inspiration from both.

Matthew - I actually wrote a whole series of posts about this. Link.
(Katy says: Check it out, guys. Awesome info!)

Jaime - When in doubt, I Google it. I often find myself on Wikipedia, which makes me feel like a gargantuan hypocrite because I used to repeatedly tell my students that it wasn’t a reliable enough reference for researching papers. (We won’t tell them, though, okay?) For my YA sci-fi WiP, I have to research everything from military-related things to space-related things. It’s way too tempting to fall down the research rabbit hole!

Alison - Google. Because it’s fabulously convenient.

Leigh - I confess... I use the Internet a lot. But I try to go to legit sites in addition to Wikipedia. Like I'm working on this military story, and I needed to know some phraseology, so I went to the "Parents of Marines" site, which is official. It was super-helpful. Does that make me look less lazy? (Being a former journalist is also a huge help. Lots of interview info.)

Sarah - The Googs. I pretty much only do research on the Internet and almost always start with Google.

Katy – I’m a Googler too, when it comes to most things. As far as setting, though, I like to visit the places I set my books in, if at all possible. Such a chore. J

Tracey - I always start with the internet. I like having a basic understanding of what I’m planning to research. From there, I’ll delve deeper into books and scientific journal articles. 


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