Monday, March 17, 2014

From the Vault :: Spring Break, Part 1

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Today's Question --> Spring Break is right around the corner! Tell us about your most memorable Spring Break experience...

Alexandra - My dad and I went skiing one spring break. That was awesome!

Katy – I went on a first date with a really great guy during the spring break of my freshman year in college. We got married three years later!

Jaime - Spring break isn’t really a thing where I grew up in Canada. We had March Break, which is probably similar, but it didn’t involve bikinis or umbrella drinks or what have you. We did go on a skiing trip in Northern Michigan (I grew up along the border) and I remember that being pretty fun.

Matthew - Never really got to go on spring break. I was always in trouble.

Alison - So, this goody-two-shoes probably shouldn’t go there, but senior year of college (in the lovely state of PA ) I took a most bizarre eastern seaboard road trip with my roommate. I witnessed my first early morning country western bar brawl, had my first Screaming Orgasm (the shot, people ), got kicked out of a college “friend’s” apartment at four in the morning when her psychotic alternate personality made an appearance, then was run out of a Holiday Inn the following evening when a fire alarm went off at 3 AM two floors below me. I returned to Pennsylvania early because my roommate went to stay with the Marine she met at the aforementioned country western bar (why did I let her do that?!) only to find my school inaccessible until the next day. Weirdly enough I stayed at an ex-boyfriend’s house, and while ex-bf was out with his new gf, he got in a massive wreck coming home that night. Not the most wild adventure, but wild enough for this chick. WHEW.
Leigh - Dang! Did Alison set the bar high or what? Gah... Hmm... I do have one sort-of memorable road trip like that. Mostly b/c it was so goofy. I lived in Baton Rouge, and my college boyfriend, another guy friend, and I had driven to Biloxi, MS, for some reason. The other friend discovered Eric Clapton was having a concert there that night--I'm not a huge Clapton fan, and this was WAY past his glory days--but Other Friend called the rest of our gang of about 17. We all sneaked into the concert (It was almost over. They let us in.), and we were able to get right up close to the stage. I was on college BF's shoulders, so I could reach out and touch Clapton. (Please go back and read how I wasn't much of a fan, so it was less thrilling than if it had been like Eddie Vedder.) Then we all went back and crashed in this tiny room at the La Linda motel. Twenty college kids in one freakin room. How cheap were we? Halfway through the night, somebody was hot and got up and turned on the *heater* --!!! Dumba**... Yeah. I guess that's memorable. I'd actually forgotten it... Thanks, Alison--LOL!
Sarah - I really never did anything on spring break. I always had a job, so spring break just meant a break from school not a break from work. Though I think my family went to Disney World during spring break, once. That was fun.

Tracey - I’ll tell you about my only spring break experience. I was studying abroad in New Zealand at the time and pretty much decided that if I was going to do this spring break thing, I was going to do it right. So a group of friends and I headed to Australia. I traveled up the Gold Coast, spent time in sketchy hostels, sunned on gorgeous beaches, and rapped Eminem during a massive Karaoke battle—totally sober. I scuba dived along the Great Barrier Reef twice, which was the kind of amazing and beautiful and awe-inspiring I can’t get at in a short phrase. And then I went and hurled myself off a tall bridge because when you’re down under you don’t question a man who ties a bungee cord to your ankles and says, “Jump.” (Note to teens: You should most definitely question a man who wants to throw you off a bridge. Or a woman. This is one of those "do as I say, not as I do" moments.) Anyhow, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Your turn! What's your most memorable Spring Break experience? 


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