Monday, April 28, 2014

From the Vault ~ Pretty Prose

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Today's Question --> We have to ask this one periodically because, well, we LOVE pretty prose! What YA novel have you read recently that has the prettiest prose?

Tracey - THE DREAM THIEVES instantly comes to mind. Maggie Stiefvater’s prose makes me weep with jealousy and dog ear pages with particularly beautiful passages.

Matthew - A lot of the YA I've read this year had pretty straightforward prose, so I wouldn't necessarily say "pretty," but SPEAK, GRASSHOPPER JUNGLE, and ELEANOR & PARK all used voice, language, diction, cadence, imagery and so on in very different (from each other and from most books), but beautiful ways.

Leigh - I think Laini Taylor writes really pretty prose, but I know others who think she overdoes it. (Haters gonna hate.) I recently started DAYS OF BLOOD & STARLIGHT, but I had to take a break to do a beta read. It's possible that's my vote... (I didn't get very far!) Maybe yes? I've read some reviews that say this installment is very different from the first, which I loved...

Sarah - This isn't a new book but I read it recently and that's WITHER by Lauren DeStefano. Besides loving the inherent darkness in the story, the prose was super super pretty.

Jaime - While it doesn’t top my list of fave “Beauty and the Beast” retellings, I would definitely call the prose in CRUEL BEAUTY (Rosamund Hodge) pretty. This was one of my favorite things about the book, hands down.

Alison - Can I say the awesome Katy Upperman’s? :-) Also, I just finished CHARM AND STRANGE (Stephanie Kuehn)—at times eerie and chilling, but so gorgeously written.

Katy – Alison, you are too kind! <3 I recently read Lauren Oliver's PANIC and thought the writing was gorgeous -- no surprise there. And I've read some debuts lately that blew me away with their stunning prose: Brandy Colbert's POINTE, Tess Sharpe's FAR FROM YOU, and Emery Lord's OPEN ROAD SUMMER are all beautifully written. 

Your turn...What YA novel have you read recently that has the prettiest prose?


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