Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Comment of the Month Winner!

April had some great From the Vault questions and we received some AWESOME comments from some of you. Thank you to everyone who participated this month!

And now for our favorite comment this month...

We asked you:
Thursday, April 17th is Support Teen Literature Day! Many YA Confidential Operatives celebrate by participating in Rock theDrop -- a "guerilla-style book distribution scheme in which YA fans secretly leave copies of favorite books in public places for readers to pick up and enjoy." Will you participate in Rock the Drop? If so, what book(s) will you drop, and where?

"I'm abroad this year, but I'll participate anyway!

I'm going to go to schools that teach English to teens as a foreign language (it's an after-school kind of program) and leave books with the Rock the Drop sticker and info. I'm hoping the teachers will tell students to return them and maybe add them to the language school library. Maybe, just maybe!! fingers crossed, teachers will pick them up too and realize that there are current YA authors who can easily be used in classrooms.

I'm going to leave some hidden gems, the kinds of books that blew me away but never got the hype they deserved, like:

LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP by Amy McNamara: such an awesome contemporary that's beautifully written with amazing characters and it ends on a hopeful note! I think there are so many relevant issues in this one, all wrapped up in real, likable characters.

ALL THE TRUTH THAT'S IN ME by Julie Berry: it's a romance and a thriller all in one, and the style of writing, like the narrator is spilling her heart out thinking no one will ever know what she thinks and feels, is something totally special.

TWISTED by Laurie Halse Anderson: it's not one of her hyped books, but I love the boy's voice and all he goes through. I'm thinking it's a good choice for the boys in the class!

THE HOST by Stephanie Meyer - I know they've turned it into a movie but it didn't really capture the beauty of the book, and people still haven't realized how awesome it is despite all the movie publicity. Some people don't even know she wrote anything after Twilight. I cried so much with this book, and I loved Wanda and how her humanity had nothing to do with her species and everything to do with the kindness of her soul. I think the message in this one is very relevant and I'm hoping the scifi alien angle will get more people interested!

GRAVE MERCY by Robin Lafevers: It's a hit with historical fans, but not really so well known abroad! I'm going to leave a little post-it note on it that it's about nuns that worship death so teens will hopefully get hooked on that and forget about the length (which is especially intimidating for kids for whom English is a foreign language).

AUDREY, WAIT! by Robin Benway: This should've been hugely successful and it's terrible it wasn't. I'm hoping the humor will get some of the students to realize there are so many awesome books out there beyond what's given them as required reading."

That's an impressive haul! (I handed out AUDREY, WAIT! this time around, too.) 
Congrats, Christina! Just send us a quick email at yaconfidential [at] gmail [dot] com with your book choice from The Book Depository and your mailing info, and we'll get it sent off to you ASAP. Thanks again for taking part in our From the Vault Mondays!


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