Monday, June 9, 2014

From the Vault

Hi All! Sarah Here! I'll be taking over the From The Vault posts for Katy. It's tough boots to fill because she asked some awesome questions, but I'm up for the challenge.

Every Monday we post a reading/writing-related question for our followers, and at the end of the month, one lucky commenter is selected to choose a title from our Vault. Whatever we have available: ARCs, signed books, awesome new releases... OR the monthly winner may select any one book to be ordered for him/her from the Book Depository

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Today's Question: Summer time means summer flings! What are a few of your favorite book romances that didn't last? 

Matt - Evan and Baker in SEX & VIOLENCE.

Tracey - I will always be a fan of Celaena and Dorian’s relationship in THRONE OF GLASS. It doesn’t last, but I’m just as sad about that as Dorian is. I’m still crossing my fingers Celaena comes to her senses in one of the sequels.
Katy - Spoiler alert — Katherine and Michael from Judy Blume’s misleadingly titled FOREVER… I thought those two were adorable and even though their demise was probably the most realistic outcome for that novel, I wanted them to last!

Jaime - There is one particular romance that I loved so much, but due to a Really Bad Turn of Events, didn’t end up lasting. Vague much? Problem is, I can’t say who and from what book/series because it would be a HUGE spoiler. And then, of course, there’s the two from that YA book-to-movie adaptation that just came out. Wow, I suck at this.
Leigh - Hmmm.... tough one. I mean, they usually last--LOL! Can I be cheesy and say Katniss + Gale, because I'm still ticked. #TeamGale 

Sarah - I love how I ask my first question, and then am kind of stymied by it. Like Matt said, Evan and Baker from SEX AND VIOLENCE is a pretty good one. I'm also going to go with Felton and Aleah in I'M WITH STUPID.

Your turn! What's your favorite summer fling that didn't last?


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