Monday, June 23, 2014

From the Vault

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 Today's Question: Name a book or two that you luuurved while you were reading it, and then was let down by the ending?

Alexandra - I remember loving Nancy Farmer's 2002 novel THE HOUSE OF THE SCORPION as a teen, but feeling that the end was rushed. However, she's recently come out with a sequel, THE LORD OF OPIUM, so now I have an excuse to reread the first, and whatever my teen self felt was unsatisfactory about the ending will hopefully all be taken care of in the sequel! :) (I also often wish that classics with romantic subplots, like NORTH AND SOUTH by Elizabeth Gaskell and basically every Jane Austen novel, had some making out in the end, but that's of course the result of my modern sensibilities clashing with what was appropriate for the time period. Hehehe.)

Tracey - Since I read LEAP OF FAITH by Jamie Blair, I haven’t stopped recommending it. Seriously, I should get commission for the number of times I’ve convinced someone to buy this book. Which is to say I love it. A lot. That said, it ended sort of abruptly for me. I wanted a couple more chapters for the story to wrap up. But don’t let that discourage you from reading it. It’s really great.
Katy - I loved Jamie Blair’s LEAP OF FAITH so much and even though the ending wasn’t a let down, exactly, I did want one more chapter. I felt so invested in the characters and their story and then it just ended so abruptly. Write a sequel, Jamie Blair! 

Leigh - OMG. Srsly, I think I block these out of my mind. Let's say... Mockingjay? I'm not sure why I'm suddenly on a Hunger Games tip tonight. I think it's b/c my oldest is finally old enough to read it, so I'm having to relive... LOL!

Jaime - I’m going to go with a series instead of a book here, if that’s okay. I loved DIVERGENT so, so much. It’s the book that actually got me writing! Tris and Four were just so awesome. Without going into details, I didn’t love the way the series wrapped up in ALLEGIANT. That said, I will always be grateful to Veronica Roth as well as Tris and Four for inspiring me to get writing!

Sarah - For me, I recently realized I'm not a big fan of Rainbow Rowell's endings. ELEANORE & PARK, but more specifically FANGIRL. And I LOVED FANGIRL. I just wanted the ending to be a bit different, or to have more. Specifically in regards to the fanfiction.

Your turn! What's your favorite fictional foods?



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