Monday, June 30, 2014

From the Vault

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 Today's Question: The 4th of July is only a few days away (for those of us in the states). What books have some of your favorite holiday scenes?

Alexandra - I feel like I reference Harry Potter in pretty much every Vault question I answer, but seriously, who DOESN'T want to go to the Yule Ball? (Also, I think Nearly Headless Nick's death day party sounds fun in a Tim Burton morbid kind of way!)
Matt - Harry Potter FTW!

Tracey - I am not going to say HARRY POTTER because I think my co-agents have that covered but, you know, HARRY POTTER. The only other book I can think of is A CHRISTMAS CAROL, which is sort of a tradition in my house so I’m both in love with the story and sick of it. I also remember loving the Christmas celebrations in LITTLE WOMEN, though I haven’t read that in some time.
Katy - NANTUCKET BLUE by Leila Howland has a most excellent Independence Day scene. And yeah… I’m right their with my fellow Operatives in their love Harry Potter holidays. 

Leigh - I'm thinking summer holidays, but the holiday scenes usually occur in the winter... hmm... I'll go with Matt & say Harry Potter FTW!!! Yay! 

Jaime - (July is a celebratory month in Canada too! July 1st is our big day.) Again, with HARRY POTTER. Any holiday in the great hall is pretty darn spectacular! For whatever reason, I can’t think of any other holiday scenes in YA books. Help?

Sarah - Well, obviously HARRY POTTER but outside of that I'm a big fan of the Gather (which is a big gathering, natch, and party with games and races and foooods) in Anne McCaffrey's DRAGONSINGER. Also, even though it's a gross display of extravagance, I'm not going to lie about how much I would like to hit up that capital party in CATCHING FIRE. Whether it's actually a holiday, I don't know.

Your turn! What's your favorite fictional holidays?


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