Monday, July 14, 2014

From the Vault

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 Today's Question: I'll be enmeshed in my MFA residency this week, which means I get a new mentor! If you could pick any writer, living or dead, to serve as your mentor, who would you pick?

Jaime- Susan Dennard, hands down. She has the most fantastic writing advice on her blog, and I know I could learn a lot from her. (I have learned a lot from her already.)

Alexandra - Neil Gaiman. I don't think I need to explain why! (But if you're curious, this does a good introduction on why he's awesome)

Tracey - I’m going with Maggie Stiefvater. Her writing-centered blog posts are incredibly helpful—I’ve learned so much through her discussion of how she writes and revises. (Her blog is if you want to browse.)
Katy - Gayle Forman. IF I STAY is the book that made me want to write YA, and I’ve adored everything she’s written since. I met her at an event a few years ago and she was absolutely delightful. Plus, she had all kinds of amazing advice and wisdom to share. 

Matt - Oh boy. I already have some of my favorite authors as mentors, but I would have loved to study under someone like Elmore Leonard. He just had such a great understanding of characters.

Leigh - Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to be Anne Rice's little manatee. Just because she's always been so crazy and quirky, and her writing is so lush and gorgeous and absolutely ALL over the place in terms of genre. Last, but most importantly, because we're both south Louisiana natives, so we speak the same lingo, in terms of food and otherwise.

Sarah - Neil Gaiman would obviously be awesome. He crosses that great line of fantasy and horror which I love and wish I could do better. And I think Stephen King would be a lot of fun, too.

Your turn! Who would you pick for a mentor?


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