Monday, July 28, 2014

From the Vault

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 Today's Question: Every writer has their own process. What is something that can break your process?

Jaime- Distraction in all of its many forms: social media…in all of its many forms, the hubs home from work, gorgeous weather, overextending myself on things both writing-related and not… But probably even bigger than distraction: crippling doubt in my ability to actually write. Yep, that one sucks like a black hole. (Does a black hole suck? Not sure.)

Alexandra - I have to agree with Jaime and second the self-doubt. Along with that is my inner critic, because I can't always turn it off. While I'm revising it's helpful, but in the drafting stage when I'm just worried about getting words on the page, it's not so helpful. 

Tracey - I hate to repeat what everyone’s already said, but self-doubt sabotages my writing more than anything else. It’s very easy for me to doubt my abilities, fear the worst about my writing, and generally slip into a writerly Pit of Despair. Sometimes I read a crap book to get the doubts out of my system. Other times I have to rely on writer friends and critique partners, who assure me I don’t suck worse than an illiterate kindergartener.

 Katy - Bad news! “They” always say to write another book while querying or on sub, which is great advice that I’ve willingly followed, but it is SO HARD to stay on track with a new project when rejection is coming at me from all sides. Such is the writer life, I guess.   

Matt - A ringing phone. Gawd, I hate phones!

Leigh - Kid activities. That's the main thing that breaks my process these days. It's why I've worked my schedule to be pretty much "off" all summer long... #stillworkingonthat

Sarah - Usually I'm pretty good about putting my head down and just doing what needs to be done. But sometimes I have deadlines, like school, or NaNo, etc. And then when those deadlines disappear, suddenly my motivation is gone, too. And it takes me awhile before I can just get back to doing my thing without a deadline

Your turn! What breaks your process?


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