Friday, October 14, 2011

Ask a Teen Friday

So as you know, we have these amazing teen spies--and today, you can ask them anything you want about being a teen! 

Teen life? 

Reading habits? 

Anything in between?

From serious to silly, the gates are wide open. Our teens will read everything you ask, and will have answers for you next Tuesday.

The Operatives are kicking this thing open with a few questions of our own!

ALEXANDRA: Does anyone REALLY find Justin Bieber attractive?

CRISTIN: Is there a pattern to the the books you choose to read and/or the books you love?

KAREN: What's up with the skinny jeans? How and why did anyone ever make them cool? I just don't get it. (Bonus points to any teens who DON'T wear skinny jeans.)

SARA: *ducks head because she is a fan of skinny jeans* What's your favorite after-school activity?

ALISON: What book would you want to see turned into a movie, and why?

Okay, so it's your turn now! Ask away in the comments.

And we hope you have an awesome weekend!


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