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Friday, February 17, 2012

Tales from the Locker Room (And Other Stalk Worthy Places)

Okay, so I really don’t stalk the locker room, but I do pick up on some interesting things in my classroom and in the hallways. This month, in the spirit of February 14th, I asked my kids about all things romance—what they look for in a guy/girl, their ideal date, and how they really feel about VD.

You know I meant Valentine’s Day, right?

So, how do they feel about Valentine’s Day? Love it? Hate it? Couldn’t care less?

The shocking results: Most of the girls love it, most of the guys don’t really care too much about it. And their feelings towards Valentine’s Day depended greatly on whether or not they were in a relationship. Some thoughts…

Love it. Makes you feel special and loved all day.

I find it kind of fun. I like to see what my friends get.

I don’t really care for it, but I guess it’s nice for people to spend time with the people they love. (frankly people need to do that more often)

I really could care less about it. Because I have to spend money.

It’s cool. I feel bad (though) when I see people without a Valentine.

I don’t think it’s a holiday. Why wait one day to show love?

I love it. It makes me feel excited and hopeful.

I couldn’t care less. It’s great for chocolate eating excuses.

I love Valentine’s Day. I love to dress up and look cute.

I really like it! It’s my mom and step-dad’s anniversary and they’ve been through a lot.

Couldn’t care less. It’s made up by the card company to make money.

Dances? Special dates? Hang out? What do teens do for Valentine’s Day?

Pass out Valentines, hang out with bf/gf and/or friends, go out to eat with family, dinner, movies, work—again these answers depended on if there was a girlfriend or boyfriend in the picture.

I usually hang out with friends and we try to make Valentine’s Day as fun as possible for everyone who doesn’t have a “valentine.”

I give my parents a gift for their many years of marriage.

I ride my horse (on nearby trails).

My mom makes heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast. (This one totally inspired Agent A to get her children heart-shaped doughnuts - and up her ranking for Mom of the Year)


Chocolate, stuffed animals, jewelry, cards, homemade valentines, brownies, hugs and kisses (not the candy either), dinner, balloons, roses, flowers, carefully picked out cards, and time.

Traditions at school?

They can pre-buy candy grams and carnations to be delivered to their friends or special someone. Some schools do a dance. Sending someone a Crush can is becoming a new tradition.

What’s the first thing teens notice about a guy/girl they might be interested in? Physical appearance? Or personality traits?

Definite even split on this one—for both the guys and the ladies.

My girls tend to notice EYES (particularly blue), smile, muscles, eyelashes, clothing, height, mouth, shoes, the way they smell, hair, and clothing. Several of my female students (yes, several) said they first notice a guy’s teeth. (If they take care of their mouth, they take care of themselves). Did I mention several females mentioned this?

As for personality traits? My girls like their guys funny. They first notice confidence (not cockiness), the way they carry themselves, respectfulness to friends and others, compassion, intelligence, and taste in music.

The guys? I heard this a lot

They also notice hair, eyes, SMILE, face, body, hygiene, and clothing. They notice girls who are athletic and adventurous, but also sweet and shy, if they have a sense of humor, how they carry themselves, and how they act towards other people.

Ideal dates?

If they have a long term gf or bf, this is what they said their ideal Valentine’s Day date would be.

Doing anything together, any activity where we could actually communicate.

Getting dressed up and going out to dinner.

Going to the park at night.

Staying in, making dinner, and just hanging out.


Going to dinner, a movie—just spending time with him.

And if they could have a first date with a long time crush on Valentine’s Day?

We'd probably eat dinner and then go to an arcade. I've never been to an arcade with a boy - that's definitely something I'm going to try out on my next date.

Dinner at the beach.

Watching scary movies, laughing at love struck people, and making out in bookstores.

Spending a day or even a couple of hours getting to know them.

Dinner where we can talk and goof off, movies so we can hold hands and be close.

Some kind of fun activity like bowling. (or whatever she likes to do)

On the beach at sunset.

Finally, what’s the one Valentine’s gift or gesture that happened to someone else that made them jealous?

Balloons and a dozen roses. I was like, wow. Why doesn’t someone think that highly of me?

Whenever someone gets something as simple as a teddy bear, but complains it wasn’t good enough. That irritates me.

Somebody got a new pair of shoes from their bf and I did not.

One of my friends got a big bear that was so cute. (several mentioned big teddy bears as the envy-inducing gift)

Seeing people out walking the beach.

And the one that broke my heart

Watching the person you want with someone else.

That's the scoop on Valentine's Day in my neck of the teendom. Tell us about YOUR Valentine's Day.


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