Monday, April 30, 2012

New Operatives!!


Oh wait.

*stops jumping around*

*regains cool Operative persona*

*struggles to keep it*

Sorry. It's hard to keep cool when I have such exciting news to share...

See, here's the thing: We've added some awesome to YA Confidential.

And by "some awesome," I mean Jessica Love, Katy Upperman, and Matthew MacNish! If you don't know them already, you should! They're all valuable members of the YA community and blogosphere. We at YA Confidential are beyond thrilled that they've agreed to join our mission!

And now, I hope you'll join me in welcoming them to the blog!!

Operative: Jessica Love 
Codename: J-Lo
Legend: Didn't date in high school because no boy was good enough; she was saving herself for Luke Perry. Currently undercover on a high school as an English teacher who dorks out over Atticus Finch, Nick Carraway, and John Green. Writes about popular girls who don't know they are looking for love and the guys who think they are worth waiting for. 
Known Accomplices: Jill Corcoran - Herman Agency

Operative: Katy Upperman
Codename: K-Sizzle
Legend: Once danced onstage at a Korn concert… in a lavender GAP button-down. Now a soldier’s wife, a princess’s mama, and a writer of young adult fiction chock full of cute boys, intense romance, and steamy kisses.
Known Whereabouts: and @katyupperman, as well as bookstores, country-western bars, and shopping malls spanning the globe.
Known Accomplices: Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary Management

Operative: Matthew MacNish
Codename: The Disco Samurai
Legend: Once sued his own parents, and won. At the age 16 ran away from home and made it all the way to ... er, wait. That's a book he wrote. Writes books about young people that may or may not be for young people, about angry kids who are tired of the world pushing them around ... er, wait. That was his own life. That first part was true, about the suing. Kind of.
Known Whereabouts: The QQQE, @MatthewMacNish, under a highway overpass, sipping on a box of cheap wine, singing about the 90s. 
Known Accomplices: Bookies, Liquor Store Clerks, Renegade Librarians, Literary Ninja, and anyone from Middle Earth.

So from the rest of the operatives, welcome aboard, newbies! We promise not to haze you at all very often.


Becca Puglisi said...

Welcome, you three!

Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

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