Monday, February 3, 2014

From the Vault : #UnderTheRadarYA

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Today's question: There’s been a lot of talk about #UnderTheRadarYA on Twitter lately. What’s your favorite under-hyped novel?

Tracey - Jamie Blair’s LEAP OF FAITH is fantastic YA contemporary with a main character who is conflicted by so incredibly strong, a sweet romance, and sisterly love that slayed me.

Jaime - I’m not sure if this one is under-hyped exactly, but I really haven’t heard a lot of people talking about OF BEAST AND BEAUTY by Stacey Jay. I read this one just after Christmas and loved it! It’s a standalone (!) SF/F take on Beauty and the Beast and was really well written and engaging.

Alexandra - BURN BRIGHT by Marianne de Pierres.

Katy – I recently read LEAP OF FAITH and totally agree with Tracey – it’s such a fantastic novel. My other #UnderTheRadar favorites are HOW TO LOVE (Katie Cotugno), TIGER LILY (Jodi Lynn Anderson), LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP (Amy McNamara), SAVING JUNE by Hannah Harrington, THE DISENCHANTMENTS (Nina LaCour), and CHIME (Franny Billingsley).

Sarah - Geoff Herbach's STUPID FAST. I read that book last year and loved it. On the surface it's a sports book, about a geeky guy who suddenly hits puberty and realizes he's really good at sports, but it's really a book about mental illness and suicide and huge utter change in your life. I loved this book so much, that I pretty much take every opportunity to spread the word.
Matthew – FAULT LINE by Christa Desir.

Leigh - Under-hyping is sort of an unfortunate reality of this business, isn't it? I mean, there's only so many spots on the rounder when you walk into Barnes & Noble, or on the splash page of Amazon. That being said, I adore Cassie Mae's sweet NA pubbed by Random's "Flirt" line and her YA HOW TO DATE A NERD pubbed by Swoon Romance. Her books are funny, sweet, and fun! 

Erica - Oldies, but a goodies, but I absolutely adore SEA by Heidi R Kling and BRIGHTLY WOVEN by Alexandra Bracken. These are two novels that released in 2010 and never got the full attention I always thought they deserved. 

CZ -  MAN MADE BOY by Jon Skovron is a refreshing take on the "all myths are true" trope in urban fantasy. It's about Frankenstein's monster's son, who goes into the world of humankind for the first time and accidentally repeat history. Although it has the usual suspects, it brings in fresh takes on figures like Medusa and trolls (called trowe here). It also casts more obscure creatures and literary characters in  a colorful world. All with a certain zing to the prose. Can't wait to read another book by Skovron.


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