Monday, April 14, 2014

From the Vault :: Rock the Drop

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Today's Question --> Thursday, April 17th is Support Teen Literature Day! Many YA Confidential Operatives celebrate by participating in Rock the Drop -- a "guerilla-style book distribution scheme in which YA fans secretly leave copies of favorite books in public places for readers to pick up and enjoy." Will you participate in Rock the Drop? If so, what book(s) will you drop, and where?

Tracey - I’ve been meaning to participate in this for years, and again this year I’m going to try. I’ll probably leave behind JELLICOE ROAD because it’s one of my favorite books ever and a YA novel even many YA lovers haven’t read.

Matthew - This scares me a little, but I thinking of giving away some books at work, just to see what happens.

Leigh - I love love love this day!!! YES, I'm participating! Okay, truth: I always say I'm participating, and then I can never part with my favorite books. LOL! This year I will. (I won't.) I will! (I won't.) I WILL!!! (My precioussss...) ;) Seriously, it'll probably be a Sarah Dessen or a Deb Caletti or a Jolene Perry... or one of mine.

Sarah -  What the what??? How have I never heard of this? This is AWESOME! I totally want to participate in this. I'll have to think on this some, but my first thoughts are Anne McCaffrey's DRAGONSINGER, which is the first book in her YA trilogy in the Pern series and Monica Hughes INVITATION TO THE GAME. As to where, maybe the park outside my house? Or the grocery store or community center? I'll have to do some undercover scoping.

Jaime – I heart Rock the Drop so much! I look forward to it all year. My fave drop location so far was the Pediatric ward at our local hospital this past year. A repeat visit might be in order. I’m thinking of going with a theme for what books I plan on dropping this time around. I’ve read some heartfelt posts by YA authors about life on the midlist, so I was thinking I might help give some awesome midlist books some much-deserved exposure. Can’t wait!

Alison - Rock the Drop is over our spring break this year. So, I haven’t made specific plans, but I do hope to “drop” something. I will say that I’ve made it a habit over the past few years to donate books I’ve purchased and read to the English teachers at the local high schools for their classroom libraries. Hopefully those books are getting creased and dog-eared and read many times over. :-)

Katy – I’m definitely going to participate! Last year I distributed first books in dystopian trilogies with the hope that whoever snagged the books would continue on with the series. This year, I’m going to set out a few of my favorite contemps: JELLICOE ROAD, IF I STAY, and THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. 

Your turn... Will you Rock the Drop? 


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