Monday, April 7, 2014

From the Vault

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Today's Question :: What are your must-haves for a productive writing session? Cozy chair? The perfect tunes? Freshly brewed coffee? A new notebook? Tell us!

Tracey - All I really need are my laptop and a glass of water. But what really makes a writing session productive for me is knowing ahead of time what I plan to write. I’m not talking about a hard outline, but an idea of a scene. I let it play out in my mind like a movie before I start writing, and it helps me avoid staring at a blank page.

Matthew - I can write just about anywhere, but only because I have to. No other choice these days!

Leigh - A solid scene idea. Usually I'll brainstorm a while (while I'm driving children, doing laundry, jogging, pretending to sleep) until I have all the details worked out. Then once it's "brewed," I sit down and Bam!  And a comfy chair helps.

Sarah - I'm pretty easy going. I need to have a computer of some kind, because I don't like to handwrite (outside of notes and outlines and that junk) and that's pretty much it. I prefer to write on my desktop, but I can sit on the couch and write in front of the TV if needed. Water is nice to have on hand, though, because I get thirsty.

Jaime - I need a clear idea of what I hope to accomplish during that session. Whether it’s revising a particularly obnoxious chapter or writing X amount of words, I need some kind of game plan or I just flounder. And by ‘flounder’ I mean do the social media circuit over and over and over again. Oh, and I need an uncluttered work environment, otherwise I’m too distracted. [see: flounder] A cup of tea and a good WiP playlist certainly help too!

Alison - Coffee. Lots of it. Also, I usually start my morning with a to-do list of small goals and then tackle them. I enjoy checking things off!

Katy – I need a clear picture of where I’m going with whatever scene/chapter I’m working on. If I’m home, I need my comfy recliner and Crystal Light, and if I’m at Starbucks, I need music to drown out the world’s loudest baristas and a skinny caramel latte. Very specific.

Your turn! What are your must-haves for a productive writing session?


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