Operative: Alexandra Shostak
Codename: Fem(inist) Fatale
Legend: Squirted gogurt into the flowing hairmetal locks of a cheating boyfriend in 11th grade. Currently writes about dark and magical worlds that explore the space between black and white, with girls who fight cheating boys with swords instead of gogurt.
Known Whereabouts:
Known Accomplices: Only a shiv and an acerbic wit.

Operative: Alison Miller
Codename: Agent A
Legend: Senior year, she clocked a kid in the head with her calculator for trying to disprove the Pythagorean Theorem. Currently, she bullies formulas into the brains of her algebra students. She’s also a mom, a soccer coach’s wife, a dancer, a football statistician, and a reader and writer of all things YA. And she’s just as well-rounded (and long-winded) in her stories.
Known Accomplices: Demon tween Kenz and her diabolical brother/nemesis Aidan. Can simultaneously cast grey-hair spells and fountain-of-youth potions.

Operative: Cambria Dillon
Codename: Cutta Mutha
Legend: Once kicked a boy in the shins while wearing silver combat boots in the ninth grade. Writes about modern teens who like to kiss one second...and break noses the next.
Known Accomplices: Vickie Motter, aka: Ninja Agent - Andrea Hurst Literary Management

Operative: Sara McClung
Codename: Saradise
Legend: Once forced a boy to kiss her sister's foot after he was mean to her on the school bus. Currently writes YA about magical girls who also refuse to put up with boys like that.
Known Whereabouts:
Known Accomplices: I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you...
Operative: Copil Yáñez
Codename: The Black Wiggle
Legend: I hate it when you're eating Doritos and you pull out one of those mutant chip agglomerations that's all hard and spiky and looks like an unholy, cool-ranch-flavored bezoar. It reminds me of the misshapen human from the transporter malfunction scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. You know the one, where they're all, like, "I can't get a lock!" and someone else is all "Oh noes! They're forming!" and the thing materializes and it TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE A MUTANT DORITO CHIP FROM HELL!! I mean, that's what happens when. . . . . . . .Sorry, what  was the question again?
Known Whereabouts: @copil
Known Accomplices: Hobos, Plastic Extrusion Equipment Manufacturers, My Parole Officer

Operative: Katy Upperman
Codename: K-Sizzle
Legend: Once danced onstage at a Korn concert… in a lavender GAP button-down. Now a soldier’s wife, a princess’s mama, and a writer of young adult fiction chock full of cute boys, intense romance, and steamy kisses.
Known Whereabouts: and @katyupperman, as well as bookstores, country-western bars, and shopping malls spanning the globe.
Known Accomplices: Victoria Marini of Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency, as well as Taylor Swift's angsty beats and the brilliant minds behind the world's most perfect food: Jelly Bellies. 

Operative: Matthew MacNish
Codename: The Disco Samurai
Legend: Once sued his own parents, and won. At the age 16 ran away from home and made it all the way to ... er, wait. That's a book he wrote. Writes books about young people that may or may not be for young people, about angry kids who are tired of the world pushing them around ... er, wait. That was his own life. That first part was true, about the suing. Kind of.
Known Whereabouts: The QQQE@MatthewMacNish, under a highway overpass, sipping on a box of cheap wine, singing about the 90s. 
Known Accomplices: Bookies, Liquor Store Clerks, Renegade Librarians, Literary Ninja, and anyone from Middle Earth.

Operative: Leigh Talbert Moore
Codename: RCA
Legend: This one time, at band camp... No. This one time, at Six Flags, I walked through the chain length fence like I belonged there and had lunch with the Monkees. (What, you wanted the Stones?) Currently writes about unexpected things happening to random people and vice-versa. And what happens next.
Known Whereabouts: @leightmoore, Leigh Talbert Moore Blog
Known Accomplices: Flower the Cat (a.k.a., FTC)

Operative: Jaime Morrow
Codename: Lady J
Legend: Once electrocuted herself in a bobby-pin-in-the-outlet episode. She wishes this bout of childhood idiocy had resulted in superpowers, but alas, it did not. She now makes better use of her time writing tales of ill-fated missions to Mars, unrequited and long-lost love, and trips back to fascinating points in history, all woven together with lots and lots of kissing. (Not all in the same story. Except the kissing. Every book she writes is a kissing book.)
Known Whereabouts: North of the 49th parallel,  Jaime Reading & Writing; @MorrowJaime
Known Accomplices: Captain Canuck & Dudley Do-Right.

Operative: Tracey Neithercott
Codename: T-Bone
Legend: Once interviewed with the CIA. If she told you the rest of the story, she’d have to kill you. Now, she interrogates subjects for magazine articles and writes YA books about stubborn girls, persistent boys, and worlds not quite our own.
Known Whereabouts:,
Known Accomplices: The Husband, who believes she’s a lowly desk clerk at a nondescript company.

Operative: Sarah Ahiers
Codename: Que Sera Sarah
Legend: Once put out a mattress fire in a dorm room with a bucket of water. Yes, the fire extinguisher would have been quicker and smarter, but the bucket and sink were right there. Currently writes about teens in fantasy lands or terrifying places, showing that sometimes the light shines brightest in the dark.
Known Whereabouts:, @SarahAhiers
Known Accomplices: A house full of critters and a legitimate clone.

Teen Operative: Chihuahua Zero
Codename: Cee-Z
Legend: Once accumulated the massive fee of...$150. In library fines. He checked out a lot of books. Good thing his mom was willing to pay the fines off, or the Librarian Brigade would be after him and he would be blacklisted from seeing █████████████.
Known Accomplices: J.K. Growlings, the public face and avatar of Chihuahua Zero; and his trusty iPod Shuffle.

Teen Operative: Erica
Codename: Envoy E
Legend: Once stopped a catfight at a show choir invitational, with hair spray and a handful of bobby pins. Currently, she is studying to get her degree in English Education and English with an emphasis on Book Publishing and Professional Writing, with a minor in Library Media. Clearly she loves literature.

Witness Relocation Program:

Operative: Cristin Terrill
Codename: Homey C
Legend: Narrowly escaped a life of southern debutante-hood by stowing away on a steamship bound for England. Writes about teenagers but never, never about high school.
Known Accomplices: Diana Fox aka Foxy Agent, Fox Literary

Operative: Karen Hooper
Codename: Special K
Legend: Took down the school bully by going public with embarrassing photos of milk and cereal spraying from his nose. Writes YA about old-fashioned guys with paranormal abilities because she wishes they were real.

Known Accomplices: Rhemalda Publishing

Operative: Jessica Love 
Codename: J-Lo
Legend: Didn't date in high school because no boy was good enough; she was saving herself for Luke Perry. Currently undercover on a high school as an English teacher who dorks out over Atticus Finch, Nick Carraway, and John Green. Writes about popular girls who don't know they are looking for love and the guys who think they are worth waiting for. 
Known Accomplices: Jill Corcoran - Herman Agency
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