Our TEEN SPIES will meet monthly to chat on real teen issues, provide some of our lucky followers with first page critiques, and answer YOUR questions on what’s really going on in their lives. They’ll occasionally post with us, doing book reviews or just giving us insight into their hopes, fears, and struggles.


Spy: Gracie
Codename: Skinny Socks
Bio: Gracie is a 17-year-old passionate reader and writer from Canada who is afraid of staircases and horses. She has a silly family, including a silly sister who likes to do silly things like decide to call her "Skinny Socks". Some of her favourite things to do are wandering around the house singing any song she can sing think of, and cuddling up with a good book.
Legend: Once, she battled with the live creature that lives on top of her head (that looks suspiciously like curly hair) and WON.
Known Whereabouts:

Spy: Katie
Codename: Thia Penny Black
Bio: Sophomore volleyball player who also played two years on the all-boys’ football team in middle school. 4.0 GPA, loves to read and write, competes on the speech and debate team, and has two dogs and two older brothers.
Legend: Once cleated a football player in the Special K Zone while breaking through for a touchdown.

Spy: Laura
Codename: Literate Looney
Bio: Fifteen-year-old (going on 50) Aussie girl who writes for fun and for the future. Ever since she can remember, she’s had an unquenchable desire to read, anything and everything. LL believes that you don't need a good education if you've read good books. Therefore, Sarah Dessen is her savior.
Legend: Once purposefully threw her copy of Twilight in the mud and screamed, "Be gone with you, Mary-Sue!" 
Known Whereabouts:

Spy: Lennon Volture
Codename: Athena Darkholme
Bio: A year one student in Early College (aka getting her high school diploma AND her associates degree—for free). Reads anything as long as it isn't non-fiction and/or boring. Reading interests include hardcore journalism and books on sightings of paranormal phenomena, however, her favorite is paranormal fiction. In her spare time she reads, writes novels, and listens to contemporary music.
Legend: Got suspended for defending her cross-dressing best friend's clothing in the ninth grade.
Known Whereabouts:,

Spy: Lexie
Code Name: Daring Defenestrator
Bio: 15-year old writer with an unhealthy amount of love for frozen peas, fuzzy socks, rainy days, off-tune singing, and thick books. Enjoys dancing, spontaneously bursting into Broadway numbers, calling her dog "Snortimer," and words like defenestration. Prefers the company of fictional characters 9 times out of 10.
Legend: Once ran from the gymnastics cubby room in nothing but her knickers screaming, "The Huns are coming, the Huns are coming!" and attempting to arm herself with a springboard and the desk-lady's 6-inch binder. (this legendary figure was four at the time)

Spy: Lissa
Codename: Funny Bunny
Bio: Fresh into high school and loves to talk in third person. A proud Canadian who loves to read, write, play and listen to music, watch hockey and drink coffee. One of those girls you see in school and wonder why she’s not hiding in the corner of her room reading. She's a serious scholar, bookie, and organizer. Every week she picks up a new project to help someone else out – last week she worked on a schoolhouse for kids overseas – or listens to a new country album. Loves to play volleyball and go jogging, but her least favorite subject is gym, to her favorite, English. She sleeps until the afternoon, is really sarcastic, has tons of boy problems, adores Gossip Girl and can’t cook for her life. She probably wants to be friends with you.
Legend: Once disguised lemon juice as apple juice and gave it to little sister because she butchered a Barbie’s hairstyle.
Known Whereabouts:

Spy: Lynsay
Code Name: Double L-7
Bio: A senior, and Editor in Chief of the Journalism Staff at school. Also danced for 14 years, and plays the guitar. She loves to read, and appreciate the classics as much as she appreciates new literature. She wants to be a Pharmacist when she “grows up.” Addicted to Scrabble, Words with Friends, Word Feud, etc.; she plays them constantly.
Legend: Escaped being held hostage – in the principal’s office. What she did to get sent there in the first place? Well, she’d tell you, but then she’d have to kill you.

Spy: Rebecca
Code Name: Spec-tacular
Bio: An Aussie teen, whose love for reading has only grown stronger since she’s gotten older. The genres she enjoys reading are contemporary, romance (who can pass up a good swoon!) and most recently, paranormal romance! S is home-schooled, and love’s bookshops, like all booklovers do! She can’t resist going in for a look, even if it’s just for a browse. She love’s pretty covers, and even though she’s more likely to spot them first, she need the blurb to sell her on the story. Her other interests include, music, movies, dancing and singing.
Legend: Once got married to her sister, with all the works - rings were exchanged, The Wedding March was played and they finished it off with a bridal waltz.

Spy: Riv
Code Name: River Song
Bio: Riv Re has been blogging about books for almost three years, but she's been cracking lame jokes for a lifetime, which, if you ask anyone who's ever met her, is a lifetime too long. She enjoys avoiding her mounds of homework by writing, daydreaming about faeries (she's convinced she is one), and pretending she's a real New Yorker with a Newsies accent. She passes her free time looking at pictures of Pomeranian puppies, staring into space, and researching ancient weaponry. Riv tries to be angsty, but she's really just an eccentric, Nerdfighting teen.
Legend: Purportedly has no soul, based on a lack of salt-water evidence found at the end of The Fault in Our Stars
Known Whereabouts:
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